Alexander's Lockton


Life cleric. Liked armor, didn’t like brandy.


Alexander’s Lockton comes from a big family in Greyhawk. They worshiped Rao the greater god of peace, reason and serenity The family opened public schools, hospitals and soup houses in the name of Rao.

With all this public service Arthur and Catherine, Alexander’s parents and the leaders of his house, decided they were going to go even further. They tried to put a stop to corruption, crime, prostitution, thievery and every other problem in Greyhawk. Most of the other families just laughed at them until their efforts had started to yield good results. Crime rates and corruption had started to decrease which sparked the attention of rival families. One night the Gasgul family’s guards broke into the Lockton’s house. Killing their subjects and brutally murdering Arthur and Catherine in front of their 9 year old son Benedrit. Benedrit was mortally wounded but Alexander managed to heal him and escaped with him in his arms along with his sisters, Julian, Emeline and Alvina. They later rescued their baby brother Jamie from the Gasgul family who planned to raise him as a slave. The Gasgul family keeps varied heirlooms, and jewelry as trophies as a reminder to other families.

The last of the Lockton’s have spent the last 5 years living in the low wealth areas of Greyhawk. The first year was the worst as they were living on the streets fighting for scraps of food. They now live in a low wealth home with just enough money to feed themselves. Alexander opened a small stall were he sell herbs and provides minor wound care services. His sister, Julian, finds the herbs when she is hunting outside of Greyhawk and has real a knack for finding good quality herbs.

Alexander’s motivation for adventure is fueled by the hopes he can earn enough money to give his brothers and sisters a better life.

Alexander's Lockton

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