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Aquissanna’s Story

Aquissanna grew up in Leukish, capital of the Duchy of Urnst. Her mage parents, Aquissano and Ellesia, were both members of the Duke’s household, tasked with the recovery of lost Suel magics from the days before the Great Empire. Both were devout followers of Wee Jas, and had intended for their only daughter to follow their career path. However, after their mysterious deaths when Aquissanna was just 12 years old, their talented daughter was left without focus or support.

Aquissanna was immediately put to work as a kitchenmaid, and perhaps that might have been the beginning and end of her story if not for a chance interaction with a troupe of travelling bards and entertainers, the Wandering Stars. Enchanted by her beauty, their lead actor of the time, the bard Leonardo, took Aquissanna under his wing and taught her the varied arts of the travelling performers.

Aquissanna joined the Wandering Stars, and over the years that followed, she rose in prominence within the troupe, and soon became the automatic choice to portay any goddess due to her intense stage presence. She also showed a strong talent for improvisation, always ready with the viewpoint most appropriate to her divine character.

When Aquissanna was around 18, the Wandering Stars visited Leukish to perform the Tale of the Arcane Well as part of the Duke’s Birthday Entertainments, with Aquissanna playing the lead role of Wee Jas.

The Duke was enchanted by the young lady, and requested a private audience; his ardour was so great that it became something more and Duke Karll’s brief infatuation because Aquissanna’s new fate.

Truly believing that the Duke favoured her first and foremost, and against Leonardo’s advice, Aquissanna left the Wandering Stars to take up residence in the court of the Duke as his courtesan. However, within only a couple of months, the Duke grew tired of Aquissanna’s presence and took one of the maids into his bed, leaving Aquissanna to make her own way.

Embarrassed and heartbroken, particularly at the imminent likelihood of becoming a kitchenmaid again, Aquissanna fled the Duchy, eventually arriving in the City of Greyhawk some months later, pregnant and alone, plaintively singing for her supper.

It was while begging for scraps at the rear of the Golden Phoenix that Aquissanna met Raenaro, who was at the time a junior cook at the restaurant. He was significantly older than Aquissanna, and was so focused on his career that he rarely had time for relationships, but Raenaro’s greatest strength was, and still is, his generous heart.

Despite his own modest income, Raenaro took pity on the desperate teenager and offered her shelter and meals until she could get back on her feet, which she gratefully accepted. Proximity and time brought the two closer together, and when Aquissanna birthed her son, Raenaro instantly took Karell into his heart as a son of his own, despite his clearly human parentage.

The two were happy for a long time, but lived a very frugal life, as with Raenaro’s significant workload, Aquissanna was fully occupied with one, and within a year two sons demanding constant attention. As Raenaro’s professional career improved, going from junior chef to underchef, Raenaro’s parents were convinced to move from Keoland and into the family home, causing no small amount of conflict between Aquissanna and her in-laws.

Sadly, it was not a simple matter to regain her previous status as a performer; no longer an 18 year old beauty, theatres had far less time for a young mother looking only for roles with a short-term commitment.

Instead, Aquissanna explored her potential as a religious practitioner. In villages too small for a judiciary, she had occasionally been called upon to arbitrate dispute – the judgement of a convincing Wee Jas being considered the next best thing to a judge. The people of Greyhawk City were really no different, particularly those with little money to spend on resolving disputes, and in the Old City Aquissanna found a niche.

For years, Aquissanna served as an unofficial arbiter within Greyhawk’s Suloise community, giving advice in line with the scriptures, and using her divine gifts to help those that were deserving, and meting out harsh punishments for wrong-doers.

While her arbitrations were not illegal, Aquissanna’s tendency to enact Suel justice afterwards certainly was. A year after the birth of her third son, a cleric of Wee Jas brought Aquissanna’s activities to the attention of the authorities, and she was arrested to go before the Mayor on multiple charges of murder.

At trial, Aquissanna gave a full and concise record of her decisions, and of their basis in the laws of the Suel. In the Mayor’s eyes, most of the punishments meted out were just and based on sound evidence, but Aquissanna’s disrespect for the instruments of Greyhawk justice required a clear punishment.

As payment to the City of Greyhawk for defying its own laws, and to the church of Wee Jas that officially condemned her actions, Aquissanna was conscripted to protect the burial grounds beneath the city from looters as a special officer of the City Watch restricted entirely to the Undercity. She was to be allowed only the briefest contact with her family in the sunlit land above, as it was felt that too much contact would interfere with her dedication to duty.

For nine long years, Aquissanna served the city in darkness, dispatching thieves, monsters and the undead alike. She learned the arts of archery and swordplay, and the low art of stealth. Her youthful beauty faded, as did her innocence and optimism, but Aquissanna’s devotion to the Suel gods only grew stronger, particularly her connection to the masked lady, Wee Jas.

During her penance, Aquissanna never complained about her fate, nor attempted to escape it. Those members of the Watch that had occasion to step into the Undercity came to respect Aquissanna’s stoic acceptance and dedication to her duties, and the merciless nature of her justice.

Now freed from her punishment, and having contributed virtually nothing to her family’s health, wealth and happiness for nearly a decade, Aquissanna seeks to once again become a strolling player and earn some decent coin. Most of her contacts amongst the Wandering Stars have moved on, but she is determined to succeed

Her sons have grown up in shame of their mother’s actions, and Raenaro’s family have well and truly raised them as their own, much to Aquissanna’s regret. She consoles herself with the belief that if her fate were meant to be different, the gods would have made it so.


Aquissanna’s demeanour is sarcastic and dour; a shield constantly protecting her from the ills of the world she lives in.

Her experiences have left her with a dry, dark sense of humour, but on the rare occasions that she can be convinced that all is well, Aquissanna becomes the fretless young girl
she once was, laughing and dancing the night away.

In defence of her family, and her closest friends, Aquissanna’s loyalty is unbreakable. She will sacrifice anything to help someone she cares about, except the code of Suel justice. She has absolutely no tolerance for thieves, and continues to dispatch them on her own authority in defiance of local laws, but as directed by the teachings of the gods.

Aquissanna was last seen leaving Nulb to return to Greyhawk, in direct violation of a legal contract she undertook with Greyhawk city. Her current whereabouts are unknown, though she is possibly rotting in a holding cell in the city’s Watch Tower.

Aquissanna’s family

Raenaro Half-Elven

Aquissanna’s husband, the half-elf Raenaro, is one of 12 chefs employed at The Golden Phoenix in Greyhawk City. Raenaro’s professional specialities are in poultry, game, and Suel cuisine. Raenaro and Aquissanna have maintained their relationship through the most trying of times, but while that relationship was once founded on love, the two are now held together by the ties of duty and family.

Karell, 17, human

The secret bastard son of Duke Karll of Urnst, Karell believes his father was a guardsman who died to bandits outside of Leukish. Karell intends to become an elite knight protecting Greyhawk City, and is already good with a sword. He has applied to join the City Watch.

Elesso, 16, half-elf

Elesso intends to become an orator or herald, and spends as much time as possible learning famous speeches.

Nix, 10, half-elf

Nix is severely autistic, uncommunicative except when he is around music, and he is extremely afraid of rats. Aquissanna is like a stranger to him, and he is afraid of her.


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