Huor Telemnar

The orc who likes music


Huor Telemnar was found as a baby by two homosexual elves, who raised him as their own since they couldn’t have children of their own. Luckily Huor managed to fit in with all the other elves… somehow? He found acceptance as a bard and left to see the world. He honest to god thinks he’s an elf but just has a disability.

You might know him from the plays “Shruck” or the “the lord of the bracelet” series where he played main roles. As an orc, oh wait I mean an elf that has a disability, he has developed advances charismatic skills to survives in the big cities. Though he looks tough he is kind of a pansy. He don’t like getting dirty, doesn’t like it when things don’t go his way and can be a little melodramatic. He also like his stake cook medium rare.

Huor Telemnar

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