Luxe (formerly Deluxe)

Taking a selfie.


Six foot four and shining metal, Luxe is a warforged paladin of Fharlanghn. It’s out to explore the world and document it.

It wears full plate and carries a large sword. At one point in the past it also rode on a mechanical horse, but this was dismantled for parts to re-build Luxe.


Created by a long dead empire, (de)Luxe M0-D3LL has no memory of its past. As a magical automata, it does not need to eat, breath, drink, or sleep. It bears an ancient gnomish crafters mark.

It used to be a law enforcement officer, but had a circuit failure when it tried to apply Greyhawk city bylaws to reality. After that, it was stripped down by the artificers guild, who eventually found a small switch in the crystal and gear-laden internals with the label “factory reset”. Turns out factory default mode is “data acquisition/discovery”.

Reasoning that Luxe was basically gender neutral, the gnomes gave it a female ‘shell’, just because. Because the gnomes were worshipers of Fharlanghn (god of horizons and travel), Luxe does too. It has a divine power source: it plugs directly into a deity, and then metes out justice in that deities name. After turning it back on, they let it go.

Luxe thinks of itself as a tourist, and asks people (or monsters) to pose “for a picture”. It will ask for a menu in a pub. It will sometimes pause, telling people “I’m taking a selfie, just a sec.”

Unfortunately, the first thing Luxe saw upon waking was a small brown bird and like any newly awakened creature, Luxe imprinted on that bird, and is forever looking for it. Consequently Luxe is an avid birdwatched and has catalogued quite the collection.

Current whereabouts are unknown.

Luxe (formerly Deluxe)

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