Probably just out hunting rabbits.


Tall for an elf woman, close to 5’10, with long auburn hair and tan skin. She wears a breastplate and proper armour, and she carries a well-crafted elven longbow. Maywen has a no-nonsense vibe about her unless in the presence of cats, in which case she probably loses her cool.


Maywen grew up in a forest village where the elves rode and hunted with large forest cats. Her particular elf tribe recognized the superiority of cats with regard to scouting and stealth, even above elves, and hunters were trained to work alongside their feline allies. Maywen has fought in many forest-border skirmishes with both orcs and humans, and regards both races with equal suspicion.

She’s an accidental adventurer. Her cat decided to disappear while out hunting, and she sees it as her responsibility to find and either reprimand or avenge her kitty, depending on the circumstances. She lost the trail on her cat when she ran into the party of adventurers, and is sticking to them partially out of curiosity, since she has spent so little of her life with non-elves.

The fact that the party’s humans all went and died over some ghost food and apparent alcohol poisoning only cements them as a “sub” race, in her mind.


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