Rio Xevulum O'meir


Wild magic sorcerous


Rio is a young half elf who is shy, prefers to be alone and not to draw attention to himself. he has always wanted to just fit in with everyone else. He is the only son of a small family. his mother is a human named Thea O’meir and his father is a Elf named Ekorhir O’meir. His family mostly lived on the out skirts of the main cities but they are talented bowyers.

One day when Rio was outside playing in a forest and a random spirit decided that he wanted to kill him but due to a miscalculation in scale the spirit was merged with Rio’s soul. The spirit’s name is Xevulum and he can communicate with Rio whenever he likes, it’s up the Rio weather he listens or not. Although the spirit intended to kill Rio, Rio instantly felt sorry for him because Xevulum was so upset that he couldn’t kill a measly child; he was a failure. Rio gained magical powers without knowing it when Xevulum merged with his soul.

Despite what had happened, Rio and Xevulum got along like two peas in a pod. They had intensive conversations, told jokes and played games like “eye spy” or “twenty questions”. Rio’s parents weren’t very approving of Rio’s new friend and barely even notices him. Everyone seemed to think he was crazy but Rio couldn’t understand why. One day Rio discovered he had magical powers when a accidentally gave his father a long beard made out of feathers and made his mother shrink. A few days later he cast a fire ball which destroyed his house and nearly killed his mother. It was clear that he had gained unknown powers from Xevulum and vowed that he would learn how to control them before he would return home.

Rio Xevulum O'meir

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