Welcome to Oerthly Troubles

Oerthly Troubles is a D&D 5th Edition campaign set in early Greyhawk.

The game is a low-pressure, casual and lighthearted romp in Oerth. It’s an “open” game run almost on a “drop in” basis – but you do need to RSVP a week before the game for the sanity of the DM.

Quick Overview

  • Genre: Classic low-fantasy, tending towards comedic.
  • Attendance: Casual, RSVP 1 week for each session.
  • Feel: Relaxed and laid back.
  • Session Length: Depends on the attendees, 4-8 hours with several breaks seems likely.
  • Session Frequency: Probably bi-monthly.
  • Pace: Pretty fast and not so dependent on the number of players.
  • Starting Level: Level 1.
  • Level Speed: Variable! You’ll gain a level every game for the first few sessions, after which it’ll slow down somewhat.
  • PVP Allowed: Sure, why not. If it gets out of hand you can expect the world to show it’s disapproval tho.
  • Party Size: 3 to 8 PCs.
  • Lethality: Yes.
  • System: D&D 5e
  • Setting: Greyhawk – hybrid of the 1e and 2e versions.
  • Content: A mixture of modified classics and DM homebrew.

Oerthly Troubles

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