Jury "The Dangerous One" Blasterfiznapson

Will kneecap and set on fire for free.


Short, even for a gnome, Jury stands at a mere 2 feet high. You could call him a dwarf gnome, if you didn’t value your knees.
He wears dark tinted goggles, has a shaved head, and is covered in scars and tattoos.
He’s using a ridiculously big, shiny crowbar as a walking staff, and he usually wears brass knuckles on his left hand with the letters J U R Y across the fingers. He’s got what looks like small flasks and various pouches around his belt.


Jury grew up in the city of Greyhawk where he’s developed a pretty bad reputation. When he walks into a pub, people whisper “it’s that gnome!” “Wut gnome you talkin’ bout?” “The dangerous one, you drunk idiot! Oh god I think he heard me…”
He was in the thieves guild until it mysteriously burnt down.
He worked on the docks until a gypsy barge mysteriously caught fire and sank.
He worked security on several pubs and parties, but patrons soon realized that when Jury was around, the bill was always higher.
He most recently worked in the performing arts as a pyrotechnic’s expert, until a co-worker mysteriously caught fire and had his ear mysteriously bit off.
Jury likes to smile a lot, even when he’s feeling violent (maybe especially then). He’s adventuring because he’s a mercenary at heart, and getting paid to loot a place, with no worries about things catching fire, is pretty much his dream job.

Jury "The Dangerous One" Blasterfiznapson

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